Lonnie Neal Jr Award Winning Film Director

Through his love of film and its potential to inspire change, Lonnie Neal has worked creatively in the film & television industry for over 6 years, focusing on socio­

political and community. After graduating with production Degree, Film & TV Studies. He began his editing career with a passion for music videos. Later he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he worked as a and director on his film called sibling survival in 2019. he has worked with independent film producers and broadcasters in Los Angeles, and in New York.  Lonnie currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works with the local independent film and television community as a Director editor-writer,

Lonnie is also the Founder and T2k TV, an online tv network program dedicated to the use of film as a tool for community engagement. Since Lonnie latest film Konnected was recognized as 2019 best short film Award nomination. As an active member of DOC-BC and the Victoria Film Producers’ Association (IMDB), Lonnie is a passionate supporter of indie media productions and distribution.

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