Jay Honest “THE HYPE IS REAL”He’s Taking The Music Industry By Storm With Over 1 Million Streams

Meet The Next Big Hip-Hop Artist to step on the scene,Rapper & song writer Jay Honest. Born “Jordan Jason Poirier Whelan” at the childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa Canada,on August 9th 1994. Being born a (LEO) you can believe a king was born on that day. I’m extra pleased to write about Jay because he represents success for all of those who have had the odds stack against them. He was never handed a silver spoon he had to work hard for all of his acalades.

Being a famous Rap superstar wasnt always the case for Jay. Growing up his outward circumstances weren’t exactly the best for a child of his talent. Having to overcome obstacles like his mother being terminally ill and bed stricken for several years, from his biological father constantly jumping in and out of his life throughout the early portions of his childhood, Jay had to grow up fast. Growing up for jay was somewhat demanding & competitive, try walking in the shadows of an overachieving older sister, whom in which was a straight A student.

Following in his sister footsteps was not an easy task. As a young kid Jay often felt abandonded & alone. So Jay chose to occupy his time perfecting his craft writing music. He soon found that writing music was not only his gift and his passion but was an escape from his harsh reality. Having a special Interest in music as kid, As Honest grew his passion & love for writing/composing music did aswell…

Jay began writing lyrics by the tendor age of 6, but it wasnt until soon after that he took on music as a full time career. Fast forward several years, it wasnt until his teenage years that jay had his time to finally shine and demonstrate his talent to the world. By performing at his very first Hip-Hop concert, at Ottawa’s very 1st CapCityShowdown, located at The Legendary City Night Club in Canada. Jay absolutely blew the competition away being the only contestant to get an encore performance and a standing ovation from a sold out crowd.

His charisma & energy on stage was unprecedented and not common for a teenager in his age group. I have to say Jay is one of the most versatile artist that we have writen about at the Mr Hollywood Magazine. His ability to make music of many genres is something that doesnt come around to often. Wheater its a Hip-Hop track R&B, Pop, Rock, EDM or Country his ability to make the transition is uncommon. As a student at the prestigious Musitechnic in Montreal canada, Jay was put on the spot by his teacher. He stood up tall in front of his peers where as most would’ve crumbled or fell short. With only 1 take and one hot 16 bar verse he demonstated one of the greatest freestyles in school history, he blew the entire class away and recieve yet another standing ovation. On that day not only did Jay live up to being honest but he became the Absolute Truth.

Early on in his career Most underestimated him as a ‘’rapper/lyricist’’ but with his latestest single “FURNACE” he brings the heat puts all the doubters to rest. Jay is scheduled to be featured on the cover of Mr Hollywood Magazine Sometime in the summer of 2020. Honest has a unique flow and rhyme delivery we have never heard. his style of music caught the attention of Discover My Music Radio A&R’s from afar. Back in 2018 Honest star power began shine internationally.

He began to flood the air waves and the music industry with several Hit singles as well as his debut monster hit music video “NEW YEAR”. Since dropping his first single Honest has caught alot of attention online and on the radiostations in america, along with a guest spot on the upcoming Amazon/ Roku Tv show The Mr Hollywood Tv Show. Just in 2020 alone Jay has managed reach 200000+ views on Youtube, & 1,00000+ streams on Spotify. With more than 40 k followers on Instagram his fanbase continues to grow everyday. With 2 children (whom he calls his ‘’Reason’’, to keep moving forward and to continue toget better each and everyday.

The 25 year Mc has taking Hollywood California by storm leaving his stamp in the music industry. Jay has several major lables wanting to sign him, with a Sony A&R looking over his shoulder all the time, hes destined for success. Jay recently signed 4 incredibly talented artists from Nairobi, & Kenya. Jays overall positive attitude about life and inspirational posts on instagram spreading love, positivity,and abundance is one of the many reasons why I’m co-signing his talents. it’s always something new with the C.E.O of HONESTGANG. We welcome Jay Honest to the Mr Hollywood Magazine Family.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6TF1QGLxM9VRrcEw1d6qyD?si=YhJmtKySTMuf4SRCtE4XXg



Youtube:iAmJayHonestOfficial Youtube Channel Of Jay Honest * Young Canadian Rapper & Songwriter * CEO & Founder Of HONESTGANG ™️ * Follow On…www.youtube.com

Only video: (debut)



Jay Honest @iamjayhonest 🔊

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